20 trips in 2012

Wow.  And whoever said I cannot keep a resolution?  My husband and I started  2012 with the vow that we will travel more.  We learned from our mistake in 2011 of letting work consume (consume!) our lives, forgetting to make the most of the fact that we’re living in Europe and surrounded with so many beautiful places.  So we planned, we travelled, and we planned and travelled some more.

Grateful for a year of amazing travel

Grateful for a year of amazing travel

It’s hard to pick a favourite because every single trip has been nothing short of amazing.  But a real special one is taking my parents around Europe—a definite dream-come-true.  It was tiring, stressful and mighty expensive, but all that’s wiped away as soon as I remember how excited Mom was seeing the April Tower (read: Eiffel Tower) and Dad’s smile while on the gondola in Venice.

Other highlights include chasing the aurora borealis in the Arctic Circle, seeing the majestic Swiss Alps and experiencing the magic of Marrakech.  I cannot wait to tell you all about these trips.  🙂

May 2013 bring us you and I more blessings and opportunities to see the beautiful world that’s waiting for us out there.  Happy new year!

2 responses to “20 trips in 2012

    • 2012 was hectic, and we’re already looking at a bigger list for 2013! We absolutely loved Tromso! Seeing the aurora borealis is still currently the *best* trip in our books. We’re going back to Norway in June to see its non-winter side and hopefully appreciate the grandeur of the Norweigan fjords! Very excited. 🙂

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