2013’s Best Travel Photos // Trip 16: Frankfurt, Germany

Recapping another year of travelling through my favourite photos from each trip of 2013.

TRIP NO. 16: Frankfurt, Germany

What kind of toys did you grow up with? Although many visitors go for the food and glühwein, German Christmas Markets are most famous for traditional wooden and handcrafted toys.  In technical terms, I love this photograph because of the subtle but effective bokeh. But it’s also quite symbolic for me because these so-called traditional toys actually all seem so alien and unfamiliar to me. Growing up in Asia with heavy North American influence, I not once came across a wooden or carved toy or any of these bearded, pipe-smoking characters. It’s interesting that what’s old and traditional for some can easily be unusual to others. Seeing and learning about cultural differences are great reasons to travel more.

Read about great food and gluhwein at the Frankfurt Christmas Market here.

Traditional toys for some, novelty for others.


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